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The word in Christian times came exclusively to mean troublemaking evil spirit, or "demon".

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Any of the gods of competing pagan religions thus came to be classed as demons. Dark degrees Certain degrees traditionally believed to cause a dark complexion when on the ascendant, or when occupied by the Lord of the ascendant, the Lord of the figure, or the Moon. Dark degrees are also believed to accentuate deformity, should this be present. See Light and Smoky degrees. Dark Energy Dark energy is a mystery. In cosmology, dark energy is a hypothetical form of energy that permeates all of space and has strong negative pressure, counteracting gravity.

Currently explaining the observations of an accelerating universe as well as accounting for a significant portion of the missing mass in the universe. Dark Matter Invisible matter particles in space that cannot be detected by their emitted radiation but, according to the latest cosmological theories, whose presence can be inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter such as stars and galaxies. Most of the matter in the entire Universe is invisible!

Fritz Zwicky discovered evidence for missing mass in galaxies in the s and named it "Dark Matter". Dark Matter in itself has no astrological significance. See also Dark Energy. See Black Moon. Dasa Dasha A major planetary period delineated in Vedic astrology. Compare Alfridaria.

Davison Relationship Horoscope Horoscope created for the exact midpoint between two birth dates, times and places for the purposes of Relationship Analysis. Devised by Ronald C.

How To Find the Element of the Dispositor of the Ascendant and Sun

Davison, 20th Century English astrologer, this technique is not found in traditional astrology. Compare Composite Chart. The Luminaries rule one sign each, the Moon Cancer and the Sun Leo though there is evidence that the Luminaries once were assigned co-rulership of each other's signs. The planets are assigned to the signs in order from the fastest Mercury to the slowest Saturn. Day-Signs are the masculine, or positive signs; Night-Signs are the feminine or negative signs. Day-Stars Jupiter, Saturn, Sun. Mercury is convertible, and may be either Diurnal or Nocturnal.

You thrive on contention and throw down your gauntlet at the slightest provocation. You can muster a formidable array of justifications and rationalizations, Talmudic in their intricacy and Koranic in their inflexibility, to meet any argument or plea. You depend for your success on the inertia of others, gladly taking up responsibilities which they drop or avoid, and thereby augmenting your own power.

Jupiter sole dispositor is the most humanitarian of the sole-dispositor types, the most concerned with people en masse and with standards of fairness and abstract justice. Because you tend to see yourself as a victim, you assume the role of protector and defender of the helpless and oppressed, a bulwark of rectitude in a world without conscience, a mother hen in a world full of hawks. You succeed by identifying feelings and concerns with the moral right, thereby expanding your power by defending an ethical principle, and pursuing personal interests under a rubric of disinterestedness.

Although you are self-effacing and mild of manner, you are far, far from being humble; and when aroused you can be as tough and adamant as any sole dispositor type.

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You win people over with your high idealism, ingratiating manner, and true sincerity. Saturn sole dispositor is the shrewdest, most calculating of the sole dispositor types.

You carry out your empire-building in the most deliberate, step-by-step fashion, and yet caution has no part in your make-up. You possess an uncompromising dignity and a stone-faced determination which hardens as the odds mount against you. You have nerves of iron and a calm, unhurried manner in situations where most people would be biting nails. You take a rather cynical view of human nature, and uphold a strong sense of personal competence and superiority. You depend for success on the confusion of other people: you know you can wait them out, or else exploit their doubts and hesitation with a rapid, bold stroke.

Your greatest asset is your pride in your own fitness and complete self-dedication to everything you do. Neither venus or saturn describes me adequately.

2. Find the Element of the Dispositor of the Ascendant

Your welcome frannie :- I think it's a very rare person who can be encapsulated by one planet and 'rare' there is not in a good sense. We are all extremely complex beings, often with simultaneous opposite urges and emotions. As you don't have a sole dispositor, I wouldn't put too much emphasis on that interpretation set though it is interesting. Lilly would actually refer to Saturn as 'Lord of the Geniture' which is not quite the same as meaning Saturn rules everything.

He is, though, the strongest planet by far in your chart. Use Saturn for patience, tenacity and structuring your world view, but you are a temperamentally sSanguine person , so Saturn has to be kept in his place and allow the other planets to shine through when they need to. He gives you that extra substance and gravitas but he shouldn't dominate. Early Astrology place a great emphasis on whether you were born during the day or night - for more info have a look at my thread on Traditional Approaches to Astrology.

Incidentally Saturn rules both your MC and your daughter's. He's your point of contact or would be if he wasn't highly dignified in your chart and in detriment and peregrine in your daughter's. What's more, from your daughter's point of view, Saturn rules the 10th house of 'Mother'. Your Saturn actually falls in her eleventh House of friends, so I would guess one lesson is not to appear the authoritarian parent but to be the 'friend' yet still have that Saturnian essence of the teacher and guide.

Lord of Geniture! I am temperamentally a sanguine person and patience is definitely something I need to work on. You are right, I do so much better when I approach her as a friend. When I lay the laws down all hell breaks loose! Talk about tenacious! It makes our lives so much easier. I knew it the second I looked into her eyes that I had to delve into her chart and understand her on a different level.

There is so much of her that is innate. I saw it immediately when she was born.

1. Find the Dispositor of the Ascendant

That old argument of Nurture vs Nature. With her it is still all about nature. The ASC is 5 Taurus The native is Charles Manson, a man who needs no introduction, if for no other reason than he is well known as one to whom most would not wish to be introduced. Saturn is in domicile rulership and triplicity and is in what is generally considered the most fortunate house in the chart. So what happened? This powerful Saturn also rules the MC, the place of honors.

Manson would receive honor or recognition through his friends. It can be argued that Manson exercised his free will by ignoring the strength of his Saturn, and going with the flow, in this case the ASC ruler, Venus, who is in detriment and combust in 7.

Vedic Astrology - Lesson 5

Manson wanted to be a Rock star, and wrote and performed music. Venus is the traditional ruler of music and she rules his ASC, but as stated above is very weak, and a weak Venus gives in to the baser desires. He needed self-discipline and structure. So what did Manson do with his Powerful Saturn? He gave it to the Moon - ruler of the 4th house of family and exaltation ruler of the ASC. The Moon is in the rulership and triplicity of Saturn. In Aquarius it will be associated with groups.

The Moon is conjunct the true north node: where you get help. Being in charge of the group elevated Moon in 10 exalting the ASC gave Manson the emotional support we all need. Saturn also squares the Sun-Venus conjunction that has the effect of blocking his self-expression. In summary, Manson certainly had his share of obstacles, but chose the path of debasement, rather than work with a Saturn so full of potential.

I am reading through the other thread I was reading this thread while looking for a definition of what is a "dispositor" in astrology, and I'd like to add that it's possible to get a "dispositor graph" at astro.