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Venus describes by sign, house, and aspect both what we find attractive and how we go about attracting it. Unlike Mars, the active 'yang' principle which chases after whatever it finds appealing, Venus' talent is for radiating her essence until the right pursuer picks up the scent. On a more mundane level, the natal Venus may describe our approach to aesthetics in general, including things like our style of dress, appearance, and tastes.

Venus is just as potent for describing what we value and in what area of life we are likely to experience feelings of worthiness. When applied to intimate relating, however, the meaning is twofold: Venus can describe both the qualities we find attractive in a partner as well as our attitude towards partnership. Venus' position also shows how we meet our partners, as well as what support and challenges we encounter as a part of this process. Venus retrograde in the natal chart may make interpersonal relationships more difficult or strained.

We may not connect to others easily or feel less secure when we do.

With natal Venus retrograde, love itself can be something we feel more comfortable with at arm's reach; unfulfilled desires for love could likely end up channeled into art and creation. Psychologically, those with natal Venus retrograde may subconsciously desire love and warmth, but feel unworthy of the same.

Equally, showing love for others may not be one's personal forte, and partners of those with natal Venus retrograde may lament that the affection they know lurks beneath the surface fails to find outward expression. The roots of Venus retrograde pain may reach all the way back to the childhood experience, and the encouragement we received—or failed to receive—about our value and tastes.

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Over time, those born with natal Venus retrograde can strike a balance between their personal need for safety and the universal necessity for connection. Venus enters Capricorn on Sunday and begins to magnetize romance, harmony, and love to your heart. Happy birthday, water-bearer!

Friday inspires you to approach communication more nonverbally—pay attention to body language, cues, and subtext. On Sunday a healing Venus transit gives you closure or forgiveness with romantic partners. Think B-I-G, Pisces!

Planet Venus - Venus Transit Date and Time

Make sure your thoughts are high! Friday will help you connect to friends who share the same values you do, and you may even fall for one. Venus enters your friendship sector, which fosters more lovely and chemistry-filled connection. Type keyword s to search.

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