Scorpio monthly love horoscope january

Between back-to-back eclipses, retrogrades, and a whole lot of solar action, July is going to be far from dull. E ven you, the queen of transformation, will need a serious vacation by the end of the month. On July 2, the first eclipse of the month electrifies the sky. In Cancer, a like-minded water sign, this lunation will inspire you to break outside your comfort zone through travel, philosophy, and exploration.

These dramatic lunations take about two-and-a-half years to unfold, so think back to the first two installments of this eclipse series that occurred on July 12, , and January 5, What was happening in your life?

Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, September 12222

Who was involved? Whether you were navigating some epic adventures, starting a new career path, or going back to school, the solar eclipse in early July will be a continuation of this ongoing narrative. If it can go wrong, it will go wrong, so during this Mercury Retrograde, remember to pack light. This is a perfect time to enhance your love without expecting a reward. Scorpio is a highly adept and skillful lover. Scorpio will go into the depths of the earth to explore those things that other people fear to tread. One other characteristic is that Scorpio is intensely sexy and libidinous so as to overlook taboos.

To Scorpio, sex is an opportunity to explore the depths of emotions and humanly desires. When Scorpio is in lust, he or she will focus one-on-one on the object of fascination. On the other hand, when Scorpio is in love, he or she will only think about their beloved man or woman because love, libido and lust are all treated as one. The world of Scorpio is a concoction of emotions, intensity and painful past traumas. The last week of the month of August may surprisingly see you with very few friends, but your priority should revolve around cultivating closer relationships more than ever before.

Do not be eager to reach out to others, instead relax your expectations and try to reconnect naturally by redirecting your attention towards creative pursuits. Now is the time for Scorpio to lighten your work load so that romance might bloom. Enjoy a hot summer fling, or spice up your current relationship a bit, then go back to work. For the single Scorpio, it is prime time for a raucous, no-strings-attached affair to rekindle some spent passion.

There's no room for guilt; just service some needs and move on. For the Scorpio in a marriage or a committed relationship, you might find your partner a bit more lustful than romantic in the next few months. As this suits your natural temperament, especially now, take full advantage of it, and enjoy it while it lasts. Be forewarned, this period will cool off in the Fall, and the Scorpio whose attention does not waver from work will miss out.

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Intense Scorpio craves passionate love and sex, but this desire can be intimidating to others. Scorpio should try to step back and focus on the needs of their partner or the person whom they desire to date. As much as the single Scorpio may want to form a relationship with that special man or woman, they must take care not to be too demanding and end up chasing them away. Scorpio in a relationship should try to really listen to their partner.

Tough decisions may be made, and Scorpio may find that they are trying to force love where it simply cannot occur. As a fixed sign, Scorpio can have a stubborn nature. Family and friends may offer surprisingly good advice and Scorpio would be wise to pay attention. Scorpio is often identified as the most sexual and seductive of all the horoscope signs, and April will awaken even deeper desires for the wily Scorpio. With the planet Mars serving as the astrological guide each sunrise is a new opportunity for Scorpio to experience new sexual conquests, passionate romance and non-stop flirtations.

These lucky individuals live and breathe a life that is generally defined by the amount of romance that they are able to pack into each and every day. Your monthly horoscope promises to bring you the sexual satisfaction you crave, but you need to tone down your tendency to explode with unreasonable jealousy or chance losing the person whom you most desire.

You must stop considering each date as a new war that you must win. This month Scorpio will need to focus on fulfilling the needs of their partner and keeping their temper under control.

The Week Ahead for Scorpio

Romance is always going to find those who are born under the sign of Scorpio but many Scorpio personalities continue to be their own worst enemies when it involves matters of the heart. March is prime time for Scorpios to indulge in a little fun and games. It is recommended that Scorpio use this monthly boost of excitement to get away from the day to day routine and spice things up a bit.

This can be especially exciting if used in sexual encounters.

Scorpio - Astrolutely

The Sun and Venus will stay in the 5th House until March 20 and This means that Scorpio will be viewed as more beautiful and definitely more appealing during this time. Scorpio should use this to its full advantage by going out on the town feeling sexy and confident. A single Scorpio can use this month to puff out their feathers and confidently look for a mate. As a Scorpio, you love routine. You thrive on the routine of your daily life and it keeps you comfortable. However, for the month of February, it is time to shake it up a bit.

Your monthly horoscope points towards the need to change up something in your life and in your daily routine. This is going to drastically alter your Scorpio lifestyle for the better. You are going to see what it is like to try something new and you are going to like it.

Scorpio Monthly Update for JANUARY 2019

While this monthly horoscope is not going to force you into changing everything about yourself, you might find it opens up new windows, including possibly a new dating relationship with a Virgo. Even though you might not have ever dated a Virgo before, this is the perfect month to try something different. Monthly Horoscope November Satisfying romantic encounters are in the very near future for Scorpio and they will become evident during a single date. This is directly related to Neptune's presence in the areas of love, sex, and romance.

Love affairs are likely to occur, in the month of November, for Scorpio but will be much more unusual and mysterious than expected. Romance will become seemingly pleasant and ultimately flattering. Scorpio will continue on the path to meeting responsibilities while moving ever so close to that one single romantic encounter so desired in life. A single colorful relationship is on it's way and it will possess the ability to add romance to life. This relationship will come about as a result of dating.

Neptune and Pisces are likely candidates for lovers who are attracted to the responsible, confident side of Scorpio.

Scorpio monthly horoscope - October 12222

Be careful, however, not to idealize a relationship during this period in life. Perfectly good relationships are sure to end as a result of making more of them than they actually are. October brings change for the Scorpio. Love will find new attention and romance a new voice in this month of epic proportions for Scorpio. But do not make a big deal as you always keep your cool and your man or woman could be turned off by such a display of behavior. Now is not the time for display. Near mid month for the single Scorpio, love is in the air and if you pay attention it could find its way to you.

Take time for yourself toward the end of the month Scorpio.

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Treat yourself to something special, as you definitely deserve a little personal pampering. After a series of bad dates in August, Scorpio may feel like they are done with the dating scene. However, Scorpio may meet a new man or woman who will change their mind. A new love is in the air for Scorpio. This person could be the one to sweep you off your feet. A friend or relative will come to you this month in a time of need.

Be sure to be sensitive to their needs as this could be a defining moment in your relationship. Scorpio work life has been chaotic and it will stay that way. The work load will continue to bog you down and longer hours could be required. Try not to let this get you in a funk, someone is always watching.

Scorpio should pay close attention to detail when performing tasks as one slip-up could put them in hot water at the office. A friend or acquaintance may set you up with someone this month. Although your cautious Scorpio side may initially feel hesitant, you may really hit it off with each other in the long term. Be open to trying out new experiences and letting new people into your life. Scorpio will find that they are yearning to be in a committed relationship and are ready to settle down. Don't let being single affect your self esteem.

Wallowing in self pity will only drive Scorpio further into despair.

Take part in activities that boost your confidence and remind yourself of your positive characteristics, then let those shine through. For the Scorpio already in an involved relationship, this month will bring a desire for an increased sense of stability. Scorpio is ready to take their relationship to the next phase; this could mean becoming exclusive, moving in together or even tying the knot.

The loyal, passionate Scorpio will be feeling the urge to explore, and should act on it. The weekly and monthly grind has left many Scorpions feeling drained and disheartened. But beginning in late June, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn will have aligned in such a way to make love and sensuality top priority. Some Scorpions may find tumult as well as passion in new and old relationships alike.

In any case, now is the time to let go of the past and embrace the present. Live in the moment and take the time to explore all available avenues. And per the norm for a Scorpio man or woman, it will most certainly involve sex. Sexual honesty and freedom, in particular, will be tantamount this month.

The Scorpio should be prepared for and open to internal change, because it is surely coming.