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Mysterious and intelligent, Scorpios are rarely known to let their guard down.

The Best Careers For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Sagittarians are immensely strong-willed and determined, and are always game for a challenge. Just like the carnation, they are sharp and highly organized in the way they function. They have an eye for beauty, and are unabashedly flirtatious. Capricorn only gets better with time, and so do the pansy flowers whose beauty is quite unlike another.

A true Capricornian is tenacious and hardworking, and loves to enjoy the materialistic fruit of their efforts. Zippy, zany, and highly unpredictable Aquarius gets the gorgeous orchids, not surprisingly. Aquarians are innovative and hate to conform to set beliefs, and orchids perfectly symbolize their wild and quirky nature. Aquarians and orchids are both unique, and come in myriad shapes and looks. Other flowers associated with Aquarius: Bird of paradise flower Goldenrod Gladiolus. Water lily. Pisceans are intuitive and spiritual, quite like the water lily, which absorbs positivity from its surroundings.

ARIES: March 23 – April 23

These people are sensitive and emotional, and lack the straight forwardness that may come easily to others. Other flowers associated with Pisces: Rhubarb Moss Lilac. Flowers are beautiful, and manage to convey a lot, especially when you're short of words. Share This.


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Zodiac Flowers

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Flowers Associated With Your Zodiac Sign and Their Meanings

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Libra Man in Love. You rely on your horoscope to enlighten you on everything from when to move to what cocktail you should be drinking. Now, astrologer Kim Allen is breaking down how the stars can also guide you to your best garden yet. Find out what to plant for a garden full of zodiac flowers. Capricorns aren't afraid to tackle the next big project, which is why it's unsurprising Allen suggests you plant laurel as your zodiac flower. Why laurel? In ancient Greece , Olympic winners were awarded laurel crowns in honor of their victory. You got this. You're a mover and a shaker who brings people together — and a dreamer, too, so Allen chose the starflower , which plays to both the dreamy and ambitious parts of your personality.

The spikenard — which helps encourage your lofty visions— would serve your zodiac garden well as you try to focus on ways to improve the world. It's no secret that the water sign is one of the more creative, psychic signs in the zodiac, which is why Allen suggests you plant the lotus, which is often used in spiritual ceremonies in Hinduism and Buddhism. Pisces are known for being night owls, which makes nicotiana — which flowers at night — another perfect addition to your garden full of birth flowers.

Aries know what they want and they want it now — which is why Allen suggests you plant zinnias or impatiens , which don't need a lot of attention, or, err patience. See what we did there? If you are a Taurus you like the slow, steady, sensuous pleasures in life like lilacs. To attract love, plant violets, which are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and some patchouli for good measure, which brings money. You will have the perfect combination of zodiac flowers.

Gemini are the smarty pants who are looking for intellectual connections with others — so Allen suggests planting rosemary, that help bring mental clarity. Fragrant plants like lavender and lily of the valley will make the perfect garden of birth flowers. If you're a cancer, you're all about making the people around you feel secure and nurtured, so, naturally, Allen recommends you plant, jasmine, which gives calming vibes , as your zodiac flowers. Urbanites, potted plants have the same relaxing effect.

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Leos bring a positive energy and vitality everywhere you go, so Allen suggests you plant sunflowers in you zodiac garden. Camomile and St. John's Wart attract positive energy and good vibes, too making them great birth flowers. If you could describe Virgos in one word, it would be workaholic.