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If you're due in winter, make sure that nursery is all set up. The two professions couldn't be more different, but for people born in February, they're reportedly two of the likeliest career paths. According to TIME , "January and February are the right months to be born if you want to be famous, since those months correlate with creativity and imaginative problem-solving.

If you're a February baby, you're certainly in good company. People born between February 1 and February 18 were born under the star sign Aquarius, while those born later in the month are under Pisces.

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Aquarians are often considered to be original and progressive thinkers with strong humanitarian instincts, while Pisces are often very compassionate and artistic. No, red roses aren't the go-to flower for people born in this month. Instead, they have two lovely blossoms: the violet , which signifies loyalty and faithfulness, and the primrose , which symbolizes youth and undying love. The ancient Greeks believed this rich purple gem kept the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted, while centuries later Leonardo da Vinci claimed that amethyst helps to quicken intelligence and get rid of evil thoughts.

It's also associated with peace, stability, courage, and strength. If you're born on February 29 , then you're going to have to wait until for your next official calendar birthday.

March 13 - personality & famous birthdays

But most people just choose to celebrate it on February 28 or March 1 during non-leap years. People born in February, March, and April are less likely to experience neurological issues than people born during the rest of the year. However, February-born people should watch their sodium intake , as people born in these months have a slightly higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Those born in this month are often more likely to be affected by sleep disorders , and a UK study found that most people's overall sleep quality suffers during February.

Researchers found that when men born in February marry women born in May, their relationships are often "explosive. On a chart demonstrating which birth dates are most common and which are rare , February comes up pretty light, especially compared to August and September. So if you're born in this month, you should feel extra-special! You will constantly push yourself to the next level, if it means an opportunity for success. You will always place high goals for yourself and with your leadership abilities, you have the capability to reach or exceed them.

While your passion is your strength, it can become detrimental if you jump into situations without considering all the consequences. In the life of the Aries born on March 22, instinct takes precedence over intellect. They are impulsive, fun-loving individuals who see it as their mission in life to test boundaries.

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They are vibrant, exciting types who can draw people to them on the strength of their personality alone. You have a likable, witty demeanor that many people can relate to. You never shy away from expressing your emotions. This arises from the fact that the Moon plays a very important role in your life. Your zodiac sign is Cancer.

Your astrological symbol is the Crab. This symbol plays an important role in the lives of those born between June 21 and July It represents such qualities as meticulousness, protection, sensibility, and stability. The Moon exerts much influence in your life. It gives you the power of human sensations, emotivity, and flexibility. Your principal governing element is Water. This element collaborates closely with Earth, Fire, and Air to give you value more meaning.

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As such, you have a complex personality that is laced with a touch of mystery. June 30 zodiac people are on the Gemini-Cancer Astrological Cusp. We refer to this as the Cusp of Magic. The planet Mercury and the Moon play a supervisory role on this cusp. Mercury is in charge of Gemini, while the Moon is responsible for your Cancer personality. The mix of these two creates an interesting influence on your life.

You can be both fun and serious at the same time. You receive the ability to express sensitivity and empathy through your actions. However, you need to put this in check by being logical and perceptive. If you can master this kind of balance, you will be a highly dependable lover, partner, and family member.

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The Cusp of Magic has given you independence when it comes to matters of finance. As such, you are capable to manage your wealth prudently. Your astrological chart indicates that your health is okay. However, watch out for possible infections targeting your pancreas, stomach, breasts, and abdominal muscles. June 30 zodiac people come across as very romantic lovers. Your versatility sees to it that you satisfy your lovers both emotionally and physically. You desire to create stability in your relationships. Thus, you tend to treat your partners with respect and concern.

You work hard to enhance their feeling of safety and security. Indeed, you are willing to go to great lengths to keep your partner interested in the relationship.

Sabian Symbol

You tend to spoil them and give them pleasant surprises every now and then. Of course, this wins you some admirable mileage! Being a loyal partner, you expect your partner to remain faithful and committed in the relationship. Any whiff of betrayal can send you nose-diving into the abyss of disappointment. Also, you are often prone to bouts of jealousy.

Planetary Row

When this happens, you tend to create stifling and controlling conditions in the relationship.