Cancer lagna astrology

Cancer rising gives business acumen, and you could do well as an entrepreneur owing to your heightened sense of how to cater to public tastes. You bring a practical, cautious yet determined approach to your own affairs which translates to good business practice.

Karka (Cancer) Lagna Characteristic

There is often great tenacity here, and you are likely to accomplish what you set out to do, despite constant flux and changes. With persistence as well as careful strategic planning, you can easily profit by providing what others need. In your professional or personal life there may be a tendency to avoid direct confrontation.

You may approach problems sideways, in an attempt to negotiate emotional boundaries. You may at times be inclined toward stinginess, owing to an overly cautious attitude to money, which comes down to fear about having the ability to control external circumstances. You should learn to trust your feelings enough to know when it is time to conserve what you have and when it is time to spend.

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

For a well-rounded picture, the qualities of your Sun Sign and House should be considered, as well as the qualities of your Moon sign. In addition, a love of travel means that it is important to have the means to be able to get up and go. You may enjoy frequent changes of environment, allowing you to soak up the most of what life has to offer by soaking up the atmospheres of unfamiliar places. As Cancer is a Cardinal sign, you need to direct your sensitivities, but this must be done in a way that is not overwhelming.

The ability to nurture comes easily to you.

Know about the Cancer Ascendant, characteristics of Cancer Rising native

Opportunities to care for others leads to growth and self-awareness. Yet knowing when to draw the line is paramount. If not achieved, then your life may feature constant episodes of drama and emotional intensity. In this case,you can attract weak, needy, helpless or manipulative people — people in extremes of emotional crisis — in order to learn valuable life lessons.

You can find yourself in relationships where one partner plays the role of adult and the other becomes the child. You might find yourself wondering why all of your friends seem to have problems? At the end of the day, this may have something to do with your need to feel needed, or inability to say no? Healthy relationships need to be formed without guilt or co-dependency. Lessons in partnership usually involve learning to control and discipline your responses, so that they are appropriate to the situation at hand.

You must also learn to trust what your instincts are telling you. You are likely to seek strength and stability in partners however you must find these qualities in yourself first. Working with a therapist or — even better — a client-entered astrologer is the best way to understand how unconscious patterns can undermine your relationships and intuitive response.

Family is likely to be very important to you. You will happily take on the role of responsible care-giver in any situation and will thrive on knowing you have a happy and productive family life. Whether you choose to focus your attention on family of origin or family of choice, a stronger sense of self will come through maintaining close family ties.

When young, you may be deeply invested in the emotional state of your mother. This can be detrimental if bonds of responsibility are not transformed at a later stage.

Letting go so as to develop independence and strength is crucial. You may have been dutifulas a child, shy and overly aware of the emotional undercurrents within your home. Yet at the end of the day you must tread your own path. As you get older the action-oriented qualities of this sign should push you out into the world, to find your own identity on your own terms. For greatest success, you need to understand how the ebb and flow of your own inner cycles, letting intuition guide you. Your sense of rhythm and timing will lead you to where you need to go.

The accuracy of your often precise instincts is a great asset, and your intuitive hunches will almost always be spot on. Trust your feelings and learn to decipher between what is real information and what is just an emotional response. In time you will learn that intuition is a higher form of knowledge and your feelings are in fact your sharpest tool.

Let Damian Rocks explain how your chart can describe your life journey and the potential you hold within! The mind is always looking deeper, beneath the surface, and thus there is always a nagging discontent and questioning. This creates an introverted mindset, which in a spiritual nativity is conducive to spiritual practices. In other nativities, this may cause introversions and frustrations that may have violent or explosive eruptions. Generally it is found that natives with Ketu influencing the Moon have an interest in psychology. Another noticeable trait of Ketu's influence to the Moon is to make the native very emotionally controlled and rigid.

When they are in a negative mood, there is not a lot anyone can do to cheer them up, they pretty much have to suffer through the mood, after which they will get up feeling just fine. In fact the depths of their moods rarely correlate to what brought the mood upon them.

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There will usually be associated sub-conscious and past life feelings stirred up by that which triggers the mood. After the mood, the native will appear as balanced and controlled as usual, but one of the reasons the moods are so severe is that the natives do not flow with, and reveal, their feelings, until a buildup has occurred, and then the deep mood. These natives also have an ability to cheer anyone out of a mood; this is due to their ability to not let any feelings come through except those that they want to reveal.

In recent past lives, those with Ketu influencing the Moon have established a level of security and safety in the world by controlling their reactions to the many painful things in life. Controlling is one thing, feeling is another, so there is usually some pent-up pain in the native that is released when a mood is triggered.

The developmental goal is to purge the mind from subconscious pain, remorse, regret, etc. In this life, Ketu's goal is to free the native from the need of being an authority figure in order to feel secure. Ketu does this through confrontations with those that cause the native to doubt their capacity as an authority figure. These doubts result in the native having the only choice of learning to be happy and secure without being an authority figure.

This is generally the result of the mind not being centered in the heart, instead being centered externally or remaining unfocused. When the mind is centered externally there is discontent and depression that comes from the lack of fulfillment the world has to offer. Rahu influencing the Moon may give heightened psychic sensitivity but usually this is also accompanied by a weakness that make the native more sensitive to psychic disorders.

Other weakness of the mind caused by Rahu may be various types of mental derangement, but for any serious difficulties other malefic influences must also be indicated. In the horoscopes of natives with strong spiritual tendencies, Rahu influencing the Moon may give strong attunement.

The discontent that Rahu casts upon the Moon is also a cause of addictions.


Addictions also serve to make the mind unfocused, which results again in psychic disorders. Rahu may also give a tendency to live in the imagination, in the realm of fantasy, wishes and hopes, which ultimately lead to discontent and depression because in the end the native still lives in the real world. In female natives the conjunction of the Moon with Rahu creates a strong feminine magnetism, and a strong emotional transparency that is attractive to men.

However, the woman herself feels ungrounded and insecure and is usually not emotionally healthy enough to enjoy a relationship. The need for the native, when Rahu is influencing the Moon is to learn to keep the mind anchored in the heart, the one place of true satisfaction for it. With natives having spiritual tendencies this is an eventual possibility. Those things the native feels attached to, or hopes to acquire security through are often taken away.

Outer instability generally results in nerve-wracking conditions, and there is generally some inner instability and tension that makes the experiences of life less enjoyable. The only thing the native can really do to combat this is develop a dispassionate and detached mentality, which is particularly hard for them. Rahu influencing Saturn also generally indicates a lack of consistent, long-term focus in life.

Ascendant in Cancer Man

The native will usually have a happier life once they are focused and secure in their path. Rahu and Saturn are both separating influences, the house that they are both influencing will usually be an area where the native experiences complete or lengthy separations. Learning Astrology Indian Vedic Astrology.

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